CatchMate is unique allround bite indicator for various forms of sport fishing. CatchMate is specifically developed for the various types of feeder fish and thereby varying rods such as casting rods -in different lengtes- such as, inter alia, the carp rod, feeder rod, multi-bait fishing and so on.

Opstelling testloctie

“We all recognize it: our first adventure on the water with a fishing pole and bait Dobbertje it, throw and wait for it.” Moving “of the bob and then …………… strike bursting with excitement! “

CatchMate has restarted this adventure with a bite indicator that shows the fisherman and hear when the bait is touched by the fish and indicates that there may soon be struck. CatchMate alerts the angler that action. It is up to the angler himself, who determines whether the action is sufficient to excite.

CatchMate demands that the angler is alert, and when action is ……. than to catch on. CatchMate is your fishing-buddy and gives the angler the certainty that there is “always” get watched. Every movement of the axis is detected by the CatchMate and translated into a pleasant sound (Harp, Xylophone or Tubular Bells) signaling. The volume is adjustable and very gently put, so it’s just to note for the angler and the surrounding areas is not hindered.

CatchMate is a valuable addition to the equipment, to “put on a pole”


CatchMate aan het water


CatchMate is available from August 2016

CatchMate comes in a box containing: Catch Mate ©, Bunny, Back Rest, USB charging cord and a manual. Both the Bunny as well as the Back Rest feature high quality brass screw with a large stainless steel Grommet nut / washer, for solid fix on any system.